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Online Learning

Online Learning

The Fraud Detective Collection

Our collection of engaging virtual courses will help to immunize your organisation at all levels against the harmful effects of fraud and corruption.

We offer engaging online courses of 50 minutes each which can also be customized for your own organisation.


Available courses

FD 101:
Shows every single employee and manager how to identify the red flags of fraud and corruption as early as possible.

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FD 102:
“Recognise fraud and remove harmful costs”

FD 103:
“Fraud Risk Analysis by “Thinking like a Thief”. Provides everybody in the organisation the knowledge and tools to contribute to protecting value, reputation, and culture of their organisation

FD 104, 105 and 106:
Additional fraud prevention skills for financial controllers, accountants, compliance and corporate security and audit

FD 107:
An invitation to management to take a stand against fraud, cut out waste and focus on essential costs only