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Stopping Financial Damage and Loss

Any harm done to your organisation by anyone, outside or inside often leads to significant costs which could have been avoided.

In 2021, the total cost of fraud (i.e.: cheating, stealing, deception, overcharging, undercharging our customers, bribery, entanglement with dirty money, theft, and embezzlement) was estimated by The Centre for Counter Fraud Studies (University of Portsmouth) to be at over 6% of World GDP. To combat this, we all need to recognize the symptoms of financial damage and loss early so as to prevent losses and avoid expensive investigations

Your Organization and Fraud

Fraud affects every organization. We believe proactively preventing fraud and the loss of money/assets is the best solution. B4 educates employees to recognise, remove, and resolve financial losses committed against their own organisation before it hurts, re-establishing workforce confidence, transforming the business, and improving profits. B4 tools are already being used by a number of organisations to nip fraud in the bud, saving millions of dollars.