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B4 Investigate

Detect and investigate fraud and corruption
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Inhouse implementation

B4 methodology is supported by tool installed inhouse for unlimited internal use.

Mentoring opportunites

Included in the B4 subscription, continual mentoring is included

Community coaching

Connecting organisation through wider network meetings and peer-to-peer workgroups

Streamlined onboarding

Pilot approach to get stared with real data and real issues.

Taking Fraud & Corruption seriously

Dedicated to innovate Fraud Detect and Investigation

The biggest problem we face is maybe NOT the cost of Fraud and Corruption but in many countries is the DENIAL that it exists (for either as single country, a single company, or even a single person). People want to trust

Nigely Iyer, Founder, B4 Investigate

Too many organisation have not understood how their data can be used to detect fraud, but with B4 we have seen the light

John Wallhoff, Founder, B4 Investigate

Significant findings

The B4 is a methodology for clients who wish to identify real and significant examples where their organisation may be defrauded, pinpoint these instances early and resolve the issues in the most efficient and non-disruptive manner possible.

Innovative mentoring

The B4 subscription provides you mentoring from the implemention to the daily challenges to detect and investigate fraud and corruption

Proven algorithms

B4 is a combination of proprietary algorithms which identify suspicious transactions together with methodologies for investigative desktop research to refine and sort the findings.

Focusing on the money flows

We focus on MONEY IN including accounts receivable and accounts payable and MONEY OUT including accounts receivable and accounts payable

Using real data

Our B4 Execute use data downloaded from your systems or via integration from your systems to ensure a effiencey to meet the security standards in your environment.

Unique DMC Distiller

B4 pinpoints relationships across the board with front companies, middlemen and dealings with dirty money constellations

Ready to onboard

Cost reductions –  Enhanced reputation – Ethical culure – Recoveries
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