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Get B4

Get B4

The B4 onboarding is a 3-step approach; Preparation, Pilot and B4  reviews

Be Prepared

Ensure that you have a culture of wanting to find fraud early, work with B4 efficiently and effectively and are ready to face the facts

  • Is management prepared Management to find fraud
  • Can we allocate responsibility
  • Is IT aligned for data access

What you need to do:
Talk to people in your organisation to ensure that you can use B4 and resolve issues.

Run a Pilot

The initial B4 is a 30 day trial, using your

eal data to obtain real findings with us coaching you all the way

  • Introductory training in becoming a Fraud Detective, the B4 methodology and expectations
  • Installation of the Arbutus Analyzer software (1)
  • Installation of B4 application that creates the data model, uses the algorithms to generate indicators and radar reports
  • Introduction to the B4 procedures and algorithms as a workshop with real data

What you need to do to get ready for B4:
Allocate data storage for file transfer, extract and transfer data, install a 30 trial version of Arbutus Analyzer (1), schedule workshop(s) for introductory training in the B4 methodology and last but not least ensure that you have the dedication to find the real issues and become a Fraud Detective

Go B4

Now you are ready start your B4 subscription

  • B4 reviews with embedded support
  • Community coaching
  • Fraud Academy training
  • Continual updates
  • Arbutus Analyzer training via training portal

What you need to do:
Establish B4 reviews and allocate resources that fit your organisational need on a continual basis.


Technical requirements

We provide templates for Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint as working documents for B4

We use ”Lean data” with just as much information that is absolutely necessary for real findings using data from ERP, Masterdata and/or account payables/receivable. The integration can be implemented in any of following alternatives:

  • File transfer in text format (preferred) or Excel format
  • ODBC access
  • Connect Plus (1)
  • Arbutus Smartlink for SAP (1)

(1) The B4 Execute require Arbutus Analyzer ( to be installed on a standalone computer and with additional software for Connect Plus, Smartlink for SAP and Windows server depending on implmentation of the integration. The software is provided by Scillani Information ( in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Estonia and for other countries see partner page at Arbutus Software.

Security requirements

B4 is an on-premise solution, to ensure that sensitive data is handled according to your Information Security Policy and Cyber security requirements within your IT-environment.

Get B4

Sounds like the right choice for your organisation? Then reach out for information and pricing. Contact us on

Not sure yet

We understand that it is difficult to make the decision and we are happy to provide a 1 hour conference call as a pre-assessment that will give you the necessary insights on what B4 can do to your organisation.