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How it Started

In 2007 Nigel Iyer, an experienced Fraud Detective and John Wallhoff, a Fraud Data Scientist, were introduced by a common client. A one-hour meet and greet turned into a 14 year journey where they resolved to combine their skills, continuously improving the ultimate solution so that people inside every company across the world had to ability and opportunity to recognise where they were being swindled by suppliers, customers, partners, employees and others, and resolve fraud before it spread.


The team

The company was founded by The Theatre of Corruption AS and Scillani Information AB in 2020. The B4 Methodology was initially developed by Hibis AS and used to detect fraud and corruption for companies in more than 20 countries and over 4 continents.

The B4 Investigate team is

  • Nigel Iyer
  • John Wallhoff
  • Jason Bayne
  • Eric Wallhoff
  • Anil Iyer
  • Raha Golamini
  • Magnus Mella Kristoffersen