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#7 Fraud PreCrime – Insights from Anywhere

By 07.08.2020November 3rd, 2020Journey

It is not pleasant to be cheated or have an organisation you care about defrauded – especially at a time we need to act to use our resources wisely. Tighter budgets and restrictions on travel are compelling us to be smarter and more innovative than ever…doing more with less. Prior to COVID we had taken great strides to merge human intelligence with smart technology to solve everyday problems. Now is the time to combine smart thinking with technology to eradicate the unnecessary waste caused by fraud and corruption before it is too late.

Instant Insights with Fraud PreCrime.

If you are taking care of the money, being cheated by a supplier, customer, a business partner or even an employee is irritating, to say the least, and often hideously costly.  We pray that it does not happen to us, that someone will detect it, or that if someone is cheating us without us knowing, it will not be too painful.  And when it is discovered (which in our experience is all too rare) it is usually too late to stop it before it spreads.

In deploying our own “B4” PreCrime algorithms and solution with our customers to help detect and deal with hundreds of “early frauds”, we have learnt some interesting truths which have crystallised into guiding principles for “PreCrime for Fraud”:

1. If you don´t believe fraud happens you will never find it.
2. Stay focussed – don´t get lost in the fog of too much data and information.
3. Stick to following where the money comes from and where it goes (as far as you can).
4. We can find out what is happening in much of the world without having to travel.
5. Everybody can find fraud early and resolve it if they want to. Fraud Detective is not a protected title. So, do it yourself rather than thinking someone will do it for you.

PreCrime for fraud is here, and those who take advantage of it, manage to save vast amounts of un-essential costs, and avoid a lot of pain, blame and aggravation….immediate insight without jumping on a plane

PreCrime Training (the Fraud Detective Collection) goes live

We mean what we say.  Everyone can be a Fraud Detective.  We have now launched B4’s Fraud Detective Collection, where Fraud Detective 101 is the first course in a series of 7.  Here´s a one-minute video to get a feel for the virtual course.

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