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#3 Immunisation against Fraud!

By 28.04.2020November 3rd, 2020Journey

Awareness of how your organisation is being defrauded is like having a protective shield which stops fraud at the doorstep.  A shield like this will spare your organisation much of the unnecessary and wasteful costs of fraud and corruption.

Embedded and online awareness to accelerate the demise of fraud

In times when every penny counts, it is more important than ever to know how your organisation can be defrauded by certain suppliers, customers, agents, external criminals, and maybe even a few of your own people. Get clued up, outsmart the fraudsters, and detect fraud early before it spreads!

Because it’s harder to travel to workshops and seminars, we all need new and innovative content and online access to virtually everything. Within our B4 Pre-Crime Solution, virtual training and awareness programmes are part of this rapid evolution. Today everybody to be a fraud detective and contribute to keep their organisations safe from fraudsters such as greedy suppliers and middlemen, dirty money, unethical customers, and employees who are tempted to turn to the ‘dark side’.

The first course to be released is Fraud Detective 101, a 50-minute pre-crime kick-starter to help everyone to stay one step ahead of the fraudsters and eradicate non-essential costs and waste.

Removing Fraud in Infrastructure projects

In April’s edition of Infrastructure Intelligence, Anil Iyer, director of the UK branch of B4 Investigate, states that the cost of fraud is too important to leave just to the accountants, auditors or lawyers. It’s actually everyone’s responsibility to stamp out the waste caused by fraud in infrastructure projects, just like health and safety, quality management, sustainability, diversity and inclusivity, digital transformation and mentoring have become something we all are part of today.

Link to Infrastructure Intelligence article: