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January 2022

#17 Empower yourself to remove financial damage!

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Take charge of recognising, removing, and resolving financial loss now before it spreads and hurts. Do this and it will feel like “picking up money off the floor”.

Financial Damage – Recognise, Resolve and Remove it

The hidden cost inflicted by greedy suppliers, unethical customers, middlemen, and ultimately financial collapse, is everywhere and happens all the time.  And maybe because we don’t like to think about it, it’s often discovered late.  But this can change when you take charge.  At B4 we passionately believe that everybody can play their part in defending themselves, their friends and their organisation against financial loss, long before it hurts.  This team effort boosts the bottom line, improves workforce confidence, and transforms your organisation and our lives. Those already doing this, often with the help of smart tools, are:

  1. Gaining an accurate insight into financial losses, reputational and cultural damage. All on a real time, remote, or on-demand basis, and not wasting time with false positives
  2. Mobilising their colleagues to work together and upskill to recognise and handle financial losses themselves, without the need for 3rd party involvement,

…with the ultimate dream being to recognise and resolve small losses before they grow and spread.

What do you think? What sort of Fraud Detective are you?  We would love to know.

At B4, we believe everyone can defend their organisation against loss…and what’s more it’s proven that “Everyone is a Fraud Detective” …re-discovering skills you already have.

So what do YOU think is the best way to stop Financial Damage now?  Write to us at and you will hear from us.

And if you don’t believe that you are ALREADY a competent Fraud Detective, take the 5-minute Fraud Detective Challenge at You will receive a personal assessment on what type of fraud detective YOU are, and you can also have your say about what YOU think needs to done now to stop more financial damage.


Coming soon: B4 has onboarded 27 experts in supporting the development of the fully automated resolution guidance software platform. Bringing to you shortly a new generation of tools which empowers you and your organisation to Resolve Financial Damage under one roof through a platform which we call  Reach out to find out how to schedule a pilot test run at your organisation.